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    Fun dance classes in Townsville

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    Our studio offers classes for beginners to more advanced individuals. Classes are run for groups from 2½ years to adult, with private lessons available for those students wanting to be involved in competition dance.

    Classical Ballet

    From 5 years

    So many little girls dream of becoming ballerinas. If you’ve always dreamed about it, but are yet to give it a go, rest assured that it’s never too late to pull on a tutu. With individual or small group classes, there’s no excuse not to fulfil your childhood dream today!

    Jazz/Modern Dance

    From 5 years

    If you’re looking for a style of dance that embraces expressive movement and feeling, jazz/modern dance could be just what you’re looking for. With fluid motions and dance moves that express our current cultural trends, this is a very popular dance style.

    Tap Dance

    From 5 years

    Recognisable by rhythmic and percussive footwork, tap provides a great aural accompaniment to precise dance moves. Get in touch today to find out more about our tap dancing classes.

    Hip Hop

    From 7 years

    Originally developed from street dance styles in the Bronx in New York, Hip Hop is a great class for those of you looking to keep fit and learn some new moves for the dance floor.

    Tiny Tots Classes

    From 2½ years - 5 years

    Wiggles n Giggles

    From 2½ years - 4 years

    Itty Bitty Ballet

    From 4 years - 5 years

    Rock Tots

    Tiny Tappers
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